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Flexi Bollard

Flexi Bollard

The RoadQuip® Flexi Bollard is ideal for stopping “red” or “yellow” line parking. The Flexi Bollard effectively prevents illegal parking between disabled parking bays. The bollard is installed between these parking bays as a width indicator to prevent illegal parking situations. The bollard also serves as an effective depth indicator for opposite parking bays.
The Flexi Bollard can be applied as an effective lane separator - especially at dangerous bends close to the entrance or exit of parking areas.
The RoadQuip® Flexi-Bollard “bounces” back on impact and recovers itself.





   - Parking Areas
   - Red or yellow line parking
   - Lane separators at the entrance and exits of centres
   - Cordon off restricted parking areas
   - Parking reservation


   - Low maintenance — no painting required for restricted parking areas
   - A self-recover post that bounces back on impact
   - Easy installation
   - No pedestrian injuries
   - Replacement only necessary after multiple impacts
   - Available in various colours