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Futura Expanding Barrier

The RoadQuip® Expanding Barrier is an extremely versatile, portable multi-purpose barrier that is ideal for effective road or pedestrian closures. It can also serve as a shielding barrier to demarcate dangerous areas. The RoadQuip® Expanding Barrier is the ideal barricade to keep motorists and pedestrians away from hazardous areas.

The RoadQuip® Expanding Barrier is self-standing and can expand up to five meters. Reflective strips on both sides guarantee high night-time visibility. The design also makes provision for the mounting of road-, information - or danger signs.

The RoadQuip® Expanding Barrier is compact, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and highly
Visible. When stored in its (optional) carry bag it is easy to transport, weighing only 9 kg. If you have limited storage space but need an effective barrier, the RoadQuip® xpanding barrier is the answer to your requirements.

Futura Expanding Barrier   Futura Expanding Barrier


   - Crowd Control
   - Closing off rooms, lifts or escalators
   - Cordoning off restricted or hazardous areas
   - Temporary demarcation for events or parking areas
   - Temporary access control for parking areas
   - Trench & excavation protection
   - Promotional areas
   - Lane dividers and delineation
   - Indoor or outdoor use


   - Expands up to 5 meters in length
   - A compact and portable barricade
   - Highly visible with reflective strips on both sides
   - Lightweight – 9 kg
   - Self-standing
   - Optional carry bag
   - Available in red & white
   - A full range of signs are available for mounting onto the barrier